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Cardboard Recycling


At Business Recycling Group, our baled cardboard collection service excels in speed and efficiency, ensuring that every single piece of cardboard we gather is recycled in its entirety.

Every year our businesses produce a staggering 12.5 million tonnes of waste cardboard and paper in the UK. Despite the bulkiness of cardboard waste, it lends itself easily to recycling.

Numerous businesses generate commercial cardboard waste as a natural byproduct of their daily operations. While the generation of this business waste is often inevitable, it's crucial to note that sending it to landfills is avoidable. Most cardboard can be recycled up to 4 or 5 times before ultimately being shredded for use as animal bedding. Our commitment ensures that all the cardboard we collect finds a new purpose through recycling, with none of it ending up in landfills.

Due to the substantial volume of commercial cardboard waste, it accumulates rapidly and can occupy valuable warehouse or busines space. This is precisely where Business Recycling Group's cardboard waste collection and recycling services prove invaluable in addressing this issue.

Why Choose Business Recycling Group?


We offer industry leading rebates for your recycled material, not only that we will ay you within 7 working days of us recieving your material


All of the material we receive from you will be recycled. We have a proud record of 100% of material is diverted from landfill


We will help you maximise the revenue in your material, we can offer flexible agreements so you don't have to be tied to us.


We work with some of the best haulage providers in the country that understand this industry. This means a speedy hassle free collection of your material

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